What to wear when you having nothing to wear

Coming up with outfits can be draining and quite frustrating but simple basic looks can be made chic . A lot of times we feel like we have nothing to wear but in all actuality we do, but we just have to think! What goes with what, how can I make something old look like something new?

In today’s post I’m sharing how I styled simple basics to make four outfits . Rotating clothing helps to make different looks especially when your either out of time , can’t think of something unique , or want to rewear an item but style it differently.

I always like to stick to basic pieces when it comes to rotating through looks because it’s easy to keep the top and change the bottom or vice versa. For this day in particular I kept the top and changed the bottoms , purse, and my jacket. If you wanted to keep the bottoms you could also change the top to a black top or another plain color .

I changed my bags and my jacket to fit the different bottoms that I was wearing in order to make the outfit look more cohesive, but if you wanted to you could also just change the purse or the jacket and keep one of the other.

Also when changing bags think of different color options so that the look will look different this is especially if you plan on keeping the same bottoms on. Another thing you could change up is the shoes, but since I switched accessories I just kept the same booties on.

A tip I like to use is just to focus on the “extras” as in accessories like handbags, jewelry, jackets, shoes. This is very helpful if you want to keep the same top and bottoms on. Try it ! You will be amazed at how different an outfit will look just by making simple changes to the “extras”. You can either add more or subtract and the look will still be very different.

Now do you still not having anything to wear? I doubt it ! Okay, play dress up and get your brain working. This has helped me not only save money but also focus on buying basic pieces and making looks out of what I already own.

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