Snap Your Curls Into Shape With Formulate + Giveaway!

Formulate and I have partnered together for todays post where I will review and share their hair care products with you. Through their company you can do a simple survey to let them know your hair care issues and what you want to work on with your hair. as for me, my hair has been dry and frizzy so those were the main points I addressed when taking my quiz.

This quiz asks questions that will let them know more about you and your hair, how they can help you treat those concerns, and also what to add to their product that will specifically help you with your hair care journey.

I really enjoyed how once I entered my zip code the survey immediately told me how the weather would be in my area and how that would determine what ingredients would be good for my hair during my time at that zip code. I also liked how I got to choose the smell and how strong it would be .

After taking the quiz I was then sent my shampoo and conditioner. I was excited to try out these products as my hair has been out of wack lately. My curls were having trouble clumping together and had become very frizzy at the ends. I guess you can say I was due for a real TLC.

Since I have been wearing my hair in protective styles for a while my hair also needed a quench of hydration to boost my curls and give them some confidence. With the sulfate free shampoo from Formulate I knew my curls were in for a treat.

After shampoo and conditioner I seen my major improvements with my curls ! There was still obvious frizz there and my curls were not totally like how they used to be , but they definitely looked better than they had in a long time.

Shown above are my curls before any product was added and might I say I am very happy with the results ! The shampoo had tons of slip to it did not sud up so my curls were not going to be drying . The shampoo also cleanser my hair perfectly for a sulfate free shampoo. Normally these types of shampoos are moisturizing but not good at cleansing but this one was.

The conditioner had great slip and I was able to detangle my hair very well with it. My hair was moisturized very well and it was the reason my curls clumped together so well.

Thanks to Forumlate I was able to take a step in the right direction when it came to my curls . I know as a continue to use Formulates shampoo and conditioner my curls will get back to how they used to be.

If you want to enter for a chance to win a set of your own formulate shampoo and conditioner feel free to click this link .

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