Best Natural Deodorant!

The Oars & Alps Brand has really impressed me when it comes to natural skincare that ACTUALLY WORKS! When I think of natural products I immediately think that it won’t work for me because the formula is not strong enough or it takes a lot to get the job done. For many brands that I have tried that is the case but not with Oars and Alps.

When the brand reached out to partner with me I did not hesitate to say yes because what stood out to me was that the brand is made for men. Of course what is for men and what is mostly for women can be used unisex, but most of the time men care products tend to be made in order to endure more sweat and dirt.

I am a girl that sweats easily under my arms and because of that reason it took me a while to find a great generic deodorant, so you can definitely understand my reasoning on why I never thought to try a natural deodorant. With this partnership I was able to try Oars and Alps deodorants for this review as well as a few of their other skincare products .

For about two weeks now I have worn the Oars and Alps Eucalyptus and Spearmint deodorant and have had no issue. Humidity, workouts, and 6+ hr work shifts did not intimidate this deodorant. I of course was worried and constantly smelled under my arms in the bathroom or on breaks but I was pleased to know that the fresh smell was still there.

(It is good to know that when switching from generic to natural deodorant there may be a period of time when you may feel like the deodorant is not working and that’s because your body is riding itself of the toxins from your previous deodorant, but in my case I did not have that problem).

Alongside the deodorant I also picked up a face and eye moisturizer and cleansing stick.

The moisturizer intrigued me because it’s a two in one. Because the skincare is meant for men I can assume that the brand definitely wanted to make things simple and easy. Even myself being a woman can appreciate this because the less products I have to buy the better. The moisturizer overall is a great consistency that is thick enough to hydrate you but not leave you greasy. I have oily skin and I did not experience any more oil than I already produce. I even apply a thicker layer at night .

As far as the cleansing stick I feel like it also was very convenient because it’s small and compact enough for travel . What I liked the most was the smell and how well it cleaned face . Charcoal is grey for oily skin so I knew that I would be pleased but I also liked the light exfoliant that the stick gave. It’s gentle enough to use everyday but also helps clean your skin deeply.

There you have it the secret to natural skincare success, it doesn’t take much but a drive to your nearest target or a lick to the Oars and Alps site. Are you planning on picking up any product(s)? Tell me which one your the most intrigued about in the comments below.

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