Spring in Black

The spring time is approaching and soon you’ll be tempted to give in to the season’s best trends , but before you break the bank check out these tips in creating a spring look with your not so average spring attire.

Just because the season calls for brighter colors doesn’t mean you have to give into temptation. Pairing your favorite spring accessories with your black clothing can make for a chic put together look that looks effortless. This is also great if your someone that doesn’t like color.

  • Grab an accessory that will stand out amongst the darker color , for me this accessory was my rattan bag.
  • Pull out light neutral colors . My fedora and belt are great pieces to go with a darker look because they blend well and are light enough to be spring approved.
  • Keep it simple . You don’t want to over accessorize when playing up this kind of look because it does not take much to pull off that spring vibe.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and also use this look as a great way to transition into the spring time as well.

Hat| Top| Jeans| Belt| Bag

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