Women Podcasts You Should Listen To !

In wake of International Women’s Day I decided to create a post geared towards my favorite podcasts as the moment, that include women!

I have been in a rut when it comes to what podcasts are great to listen to. I always hear about how people are obsessed with such and such podcasts but I have never found any that stuck to my ear. I decided to go on a hunt to find great podcasts that will make you laugh and also educate you on the world. These are just some of my topics I like to listen to but I’m definitely open to any that you all are listening to as well.

One thing I love about all of these podcasts is that they all consists of black women . It doesn’t matter about race or gender but I love how women are educating women and how black women are having a platform .

Woke & Educated – Amanda Seales

Amanda Seales gives me real life talk , positive girl vibes, and keeps my eyes open to daily unnecessary drama that could come into my life or what I may cause on myself. Her unfiltered truth is main reason why I listen to her in the morning to start my day off with a great true eye opening look at myself and others around me.

Ratchet Sex Stories – “Whoreable Decisions”

If you want to get true insight on how some women live their lives and about what they have gone through to get sex you should definitely listen to this hilarious podcast. These two women share wild sex stories that you can definitely learn from. Obviously don’t listen with around your parents or near children, but definitely listen alone or with friends to open up your mind about how a crazy sex life can teach you many things about your body and about how to maneuver through uncomfortable situations. Even if you may never need the info you can definitely get a kick of how these women describe the past times they have had involving sex.

Celeb POV about Sex – “Lip Service”

Okay I promise you I’m not addicted to sex but I love looking into people that I enjoy to watch on other platforms . Angela Ye interviews several celebrities on the Breakfast Club radio show so it was an easy transition for me to see what her podcast was about. I was very intrigued by her co-hosts experience and opinions on several topics and also how she manages to include celebs in the convo about sex.

Woke & Political – Amanda Rye

Ever since I seen the memes and the videos about Amanda Rye getting in people butt in an educated and somewhat politically correct way I fell in love. I did not know she had a podcast and when I found out I immediately pressed play . Her podcast is nothing different than what you see online. She makes politics fun , entertaining , and relatable.

Girl Talk – “Black Girl Podcast” –

This podcast reminds me of just hanging out with the girls and conversing about what our day has been like and what we’re going through . This also opens up the talk about what black women go through on a daily. When I imagine a group of women getting together for positive and enlightens girl chat I imagine something like this podcast. These women have different struggles and views but all meet together on common ground when it comes to daily life drama of being black and being a black woman .

“Getting Grown”

These two women sparked my interest because they go over the difficult of being a black woman in today’s society and also share their light on how to get through stigmas and branch off , work hard, and to succeed. I’ve only listened to one of their podcasts so far but I know I will stick around for more.

As I find more podcasts that I love I will add them here and will offer more options of different types of podcasts for all to enjoy.

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