Denim Guide

When it comes to finding the right kind of denim it can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what style you like how what to expect with sizing. Over the past month or so I have tried several different types of denim brands and have gathered my thoughts on style and brands I think you will either like or dislike.

This denim guide is obviously tailored to my thoughts and opinions and my body type. I will definitely speak upon what brands I do recommend for other body types , but I definitely recommend taking my thoughts but also doing your research for what you are looking for in a brand .

My Body:

Height- 5’4 ft

Weight- 135-145 lbs

Body Type– Athletic (I have muscular legs)

Size- 27 or size 4

Budget Friendly ($70-90)

  • Topshop (about $78) STRAIGHT LEG/SKINNY

The denim from Topshop runs small I have to either get a 6 or and 8 in their denim. Once I get my right size then it’s perfect. The denim from Topshop has a good stretch to it that won’t make the jeans sag and they show off your figure.

Recently I picked up the 90s vintage style mom jeans and I am in love to say the least. The first was amazing and i definitely got the vintage look without breaking the price ! I love that they offer crop and regular lengths. I did get the regular length in mine but had to cut the hem for a shorter look so if you as my height or shorter then i would get the crop length. This is also a sustainable brand that makes sure that the product being sold is from places who do no harm to workers and they actually show images of the factories where your product is being made .

ACS_1544 2

ACS_1545 2


Free People (about $78) SKINNY STYLE  

Sometime free People denim can be a hit or a miss but with these I was definitely pleased. They do run small but once I sized up one-two sizes I was living my best life ! The denim shown here comes in three washes, had great stretch, raw hem detailing, and gives the best shape! Honestly I could live forever in these jeans and I want you all to be able to do the same .


  • Levi’s (about $98) WEDGIE FIT

I’m going to be honest, I have a bone to pick with Levi’s . These jeans have very popular washes and definitely give you that vintage feel without the extreme price BUT they have horrible sizing. The main pair of jeans that I continue to have a issue with is their wedgie fit jeans. In these jeans I have to go up to a 30 just for comfort. The wedgies are very structured and do not give at all when it comes to stretch. My issue with this is that these are the most popular kind that they carry and if I have to go up to a 30 in this type of denim I can imagine a curvy woman wanting to buy this style. This should definitely be fixed.

High End ($150+)

• Mother Denim (about 200+) SHOWN IN STRAIGHT LEG STYLE

A while back I had a pair of mother jeans and they are honestly the best! The stretch was perfect, the shape was amazing , and the shining process after washing is even better. This time around I picked up some more from Nordstrom Rack and the love I had for my previous pair was just the same for these ones. I wear my true size in these jeans and still have a good stretch to wear them comfortably while eating and doing any other activity. Although the price is a lot I would say that these are the best denim, in my opinion, because they are true to size, high your shape in the right way, and won’t stretch out over time . * my tip for shopping for high end denim is to check your local Nordstrom rack , this is how I was able to get my second pair for less than $90*

Reformation (100+) SHOWN IN SKINNY STYLE

These jeans run very small! I tried a 28 and barely got them up my thigh and tried extremely hard to get them buttoned. I also notice with the other items they sell like their dresses run small and aren’t boob friendly. I do like how once I find my right size that this brand definitely makes sure that you feel confident and sexy in their clothes because the items hug your body the right way. I would recommend going up just as much as you would go up in size in Levi’s wedgie jeans .

Good American – ($100+) SKINNY

Khloe Kardashian’s Good American line began as a way to including women of all sizes and shapes and making a denim that any woman would be proud to wear. I have never tried her jeans until my recent Nordstrom Rack run and when I tell you I was very pleased I’m not lying! Her jeans were everything that I had hoped that they would be (True to Size but size up one for more comfort and a good stretch). If I were looking for skinny jeans at the time I would have definitely picked these up because the price was also at a great discount . I’m wearing a size 6 .

AG (150+ ) CROP

The AG jeans fit great through the thighs but was a little loose at the waist. These were a size 30 so you can tell that this brand runs small.

My top pics for low end and high end denim would have to be Free People or Everlane for low end denim and Mothers for high end denim.

As I continue to try more jeans on and also gather more images I will continue to update this post .

I hope that this helps anyone who is looking for a new pair of jeans or are afraid of buying online and not sure about sizing.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments and if you have a testimony about either brand let me know as well with your size so I can include your testimony in this post.

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