Protecting Mother Nature

Mother Nature has a dual meaning to me. I feel like it means the world around us as in nature, but it can also mean that time of the month that every girl dreads…well I know I do, and I think I’m 100% sure every girl does.  It can be scary to talk about, but in this post I want to get a little personal and talk about a product that I have used recently during my past menstrual cycle that changed my way of protecting not only my body but also the world.

I was contacted recently from a company called High Oh about their reusable pads. When reading the email I immediately thought, EWWW why would I use that , but when I did my research and found an article about the harmful effects that disposable pads have on the environment and a woman’s body I decided to take action and try them out.

Hesitant and unaware with where to start I immediately used these pads during my next cycle and became completely shocked at the power of how much they hold and how easy it was to clean them. When I read reviews about these pads on Amazon everyone raved about how much they can hold and how protected they felt when wearing them. When I wore them I felt the same way. I did not feel restricted and I felt comfort with knowing that I would not have an “accident” at any time of the day (if you know what I mean, lol).

As far as the cleaning goes I was able to throw these in the wash with no problem and I did not experience any pealing on the pads at all. If it’s more cost effective and if you want to save more water you can hand wash them but I know blood can be a little weird to deal with, so I wash these alone .

Overall there has been several results found that show that disposable pads are bad for women’s health when it comes to air flow, materials used to make them, etc. I like the feeling of reusable pads because they aren’t unsanitary like I thought and they are actually cost effective in the long run.

I will continue to talk to you all about these pads and sustainability in general because it has become a big trend that I am proud to now be apart of. Take the step in sustainability and in your health with High Oh.

Make sure to go check out HighOh on Instagram and Amazon.

This post was made in collaboration with High Oh but my opinions are my own.

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