Sustainable Body Care

Hey Golden’s, I’m back with a new post about a brand that I mentioned in my last post . If you haven’t read my last post I highly recommend checking it out , but I mentioned the brand High Oh. I am partnering with them monthly to discuss vaginal health and the importance of knowing about harmful materials being used in disposable pads.

The main reason why I am excited to be discussing with you all about this topic every month is because I know as women it can be kind of hard to talk about our cycles . I hope these posts can be a way for you to gain knowledge and for us to discuss feminine health.

In this day in age you never really know what is in your food , drinks, and things that you put near your body. Disposable pads are one of the items that can be harmful to women. Whether its scented and/or what products is being used there can be a tremendous amount of things that can cause health concerns . In an article that I read recently I learned so much about the harsh effects that disposable pads can have on the body . This article was the deciding factor that made me want to partner with oh High.

In this article , author Kimberley Mok explained 7 reasons why women should steer free from disposable pads. There were a couple points in this article that stood out to me .

  • REDUCE MENSTRUAL CRAMPS : growing up I had to endure severe menstrual cramps. They were so bad that I couldn’t keep any food down on the first day of my cycle . This could be due to plastic and rayon that is used in disposable pads . These types of materials block air flow and can cause rashes .
    Saving Money & The Planet : it’s not a surprise that the planet is overflowed with toxic waste and trash. Recycling is definitely the way to go in order to reduce some of this . With reusable pads from High Oh you can help the planet by reducing your waste and you save a ton of money. This might be TMI but just think of how many boxes of pads you may go through in a month or a year . That’s tons of money + tons of waste.

Make sure to go check out High Oh ‘s website to shop your collection of reusable pads and while your at it check out the amazing reviews that people have left. So far I have had an amazing experience with this new style of living for my cycle period and I’m sure you will too.

Of course leave any questions or concerns below and I will be sure to answer them to the best of my ability.

Thanks for reading and I will talk to you all in my next post !

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