Shea Moisture Make It Last Wash n Go Collection

I know , I know , it’s been a minute since my last product review and trust me I am ready to hop back into the swing of things starting with this new Shea Moisture Collection. This collection serves to make your curls last with the little wash n go effort. I put this collection to the test and here are my thoughts.

Make It Last Wash n Go Primer

This product is one that I love just because it is a detangling pre poo. I love to preach that it’s so important to do a pre-poo before you wash your hair because you do not want to strip your hair of its natural oils (not that Shea moisture’s shampoo is harsh but no matter what kind of shampoo you use your hair will be protected !)

My hair was definitely tangled and it took a while to detangle but just because I have been a bad natural and have not taken the proper time to care for my curls . Although I had a tough deal on my hands this pre-poo definitely made my job easier because the slip that it provided and the moisture that locked into my curls .

Make It Last Wash n Go Shampoo & Conditioner

These products did not wow me I feel like they definitely did what they were designed to do which was to cleanse and condition but nothing in particular really gave me an urge to purchase this product after I use it up.

Make It Last Wash n Go Curl Revival Oil

This oil was kind of disappointing. I only say that in the since of I felt my hair was not receiving any hydration. The oil seemed very thin and did not seem to lock into my curls well. I would say that this would be great for anyone who doesn’t want a greasy look to their hair or just a slight refresher for their curls , but I wouldn’t say that this is a staple to have in your collection because it is so light.

UPDATE: I used this product again to refresh my curls and my curls were left really soft and manageable. When I first used this on wet hair after washing it didn’t seem like my hair have received or locked in any of this oil but since using it again today I believe my options at first were wrong. I do recommend giving this product a try and seeing how it reacts on your curls .

Make It Last Wash n Go Defining Gel Oil

This was a great product to have used onmy curls . I wanted to really see what the collection did for my hair so I did not use any other products, so after applying the oil to damp hair I applied this gel in a slightly heavy fashion and I was pleased with the outcome .My curls dried faster and did not have a crunch.

Although my only styling product was the oil and this gel my curls do not seem to feel dry or like they need any hydration and I think that is because of this product. I appreciate a gel that will actually give my curls hold without my hair feeling so dry. I would like to say my curls still shrunk up the same and I did have to stretch my curls out as much as I normally do , but this did not claim to do that so I won’t hold that accountable for not liking the product.

So there you have it , let me know your thoughts on this collection or if you have any questions about the products.

Disclaimer : This review was given in promotion of this collection and in collaboration with Shea Moisture as apart of their Sheabassador program , but all thought and opinions are my own.

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