Body Care + Home Favorites

As I get older I get very happy over the simple things in life , but things that are very much needed . In this post I’m covering my favorite body care and home items.

Body Care

Smartly is a Target brand that I found out about a while back and was immediately drawn in by the prices. This brand features cleaning , beauty, body, and home items . The prices and quality are amazing and make me more obsessed with Target. This body was is only $1.99 and works so well. It’s not drying on the skin and the scents smell great without being too overpowering . I always stack up on these and each container lasts me over a week or two.

These may or may not be controversial to you but I definitely was a person that was taught to not put any fragrance product near “my area”, but a few months back I started to notice a change in odor when I worked out at the gym that was not normally there. I was afraid and thought my body’s pH was out of wack so I immediately picked up the Summer’s Eve freshening spray to spray on my clothes and underwear before and after the gym. This product is great to keep on hand and it has not made me break out or caused any change to my pH in a negative way.

The other two products are from a brand that I collaborated with and found myself obsessed with. The Honey Pot and Company is a brand that is black owned and prides themselves on making plant based products for women. They have a wide range of different products and I love this combo shown above. I use the wipes when I need a pick me up after the gym or after a long day if I am out and about, and I use the wash every night. This wash is great, has really helped with balancing my pH and my odor that I had a few months back definitely went away. I will definitely continue to buy their products because they actually work and are great for you.

This is another company that I partnered up with a while back and found myself wanting to continue to purchase product from them. Oars and Alps specializes in body care and skincare for men but definitely can be used by a woman. This deodorant in particular amazed me because it was long lasting , smells amazing, and each tube lasts over 2-3 months. This is my second tube and I worked with this company and started my first tube over two months ago. The price is worth it and the product is better for your body.

I recently was sent a box from Shea Moisture to promote a few of the new goodies they they have launched, and I couldn’t be more happy to say how well these two products worked for me. First off, the entire collection smells amazing, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Shea Moisture , I still have yet to try others from the collection but these two are gems ! I did a double cleanse with these for the added moisture and to remove any dirt and dead skin.

The body wash was very smooth and nourishing. It felt like I was lathering my skin in oil . I really liked this about it because my skin can be dry even during the summer time so it was good to get some moisture in.

The body scrub was like the body wash but amped up a notch. While the body wash gave my skin love , the body scrub loved me a little more and really gently scrubbed away any dirt that the body wash did not get. I was amazed at how much more dirt came off of my skin after using the scrub. I definitely recommend doing a double cleanse especially if you are using a moisture scrub like this one . This scrub had me feeling super luxurious and I feel like it’s even great for sensitive skin . I love a powerful product that does not have to harm my skin to get work done .

The last body care products I have been loving lately are these two hand creams. Both work amazingly well and provide great moisture but each one is definitely unique. The Swedish Dream cream is a heavy duty cream that does not require a lot to get the job done. If you live in a dry area or are in need of something to fix those cracked hands during the winter this one is it! This long lasting moisture cream even lasts after I was my hands! I love this for my cuticles because they tend to get dry and moisture is gone after I wash my hands but not with this !

The second cream is from an Urban Outfitters brand name Gourmand. The perfumes from this brand are amazing and this cream is no different. I love the scent of this because it lasts all day and definitely is great to have around if you forgot to put on your favorite perfume. This is a lighter cream but definitely holds its weight and works great !


I found this gem at my local Marshalls and have been so amazed at how much this can clean up. I have used this on tons of stains since I got it and this powerful cleaner has erased them. One stain in particular that I was amazed that this picked up was a juice stain on a white sweatshirt . Trust me this is will be your best friend . For whatever odd reason it is not on the Honest Beauty site or any other site but I recommend checking your local Marshall’s or Tj Maxx.

I found this gem at my internship this past semester and I loved how it smelled and how powerful it was without being too overwhelming. I have used other room sprays that just seem to disappear in the air, but this one filters through the air and leaves a scent for a good while. Dario even sprays this in the carpet to leave a long lasting scent in the apartment.

Last but not least are these amazing bags called Stasher Bags that will replace your ziploc bags. If you are in the market for something that will preserve your food and allow you to also reheat food inside then your looking at the powerful bags that can do that. The abilities of these bags are endless . You can use them as makeup bags or even use the pocket sized one as a wallet if you go swimming. I definitely recommend to check out the Stasher Bag instagram for more ideas and ways to use these amazing bags .

What are your favorite body care and home items ? Let me know in the comments !

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