Golden Boss Series | Topic #1: Team Player

Hey Goldens! I decided to create a series called “Golden Boss” for us Boss Babes who are all about getting $*it done and learning while on the path to success. Some of you may be headed to college, in college, graduating college, and / or entering the workforce . Whatever the case may be we will all , at some point, face tough situations and great accomplishments.

During this phase in our lives we will come to terms that it can be tough to face these things alone and we may have questions to ask and/or need people to lean on. I want this space to be that space where you , yes you, can ask questions and also get things off of your chest dealing with school, work , and/or personal issues. AND of course girl or guy can relate to any of these topics .

Each week I will cover a topic and I will discuss how I have dealt with it and what I would recommend to you all, but this is not just about me , I would love to get your input on a potential topic of discussion or if you would like to have the spotlight to discuss a challenge you have overcome or an issue you wish to get help with. Feel free to DM me any topics or personal issues you wish to discuss here and you can definitely be anonymous if you choose to be. Instagram- golden_essential

Team Player

Having others that I work with not be as much of a team player as I am has definitely been an issue that I have dealt with and still deal with at my workspace. This can be confusing and hard to determine when you can speak up to defend yourself or just let the situation be. I’m sure you all have had that one coworker who just seems to allow their power take over and potentially ruin the workspace environment.

In these situations I have allowed my inner introvert to shine by not saying much and keeping a smile on my face (which is a good way to get through the day and deal with initial problems ). If things were to get worse I would recommend speaking up and in these four steps.

  1. Write down the days and times of the event that you have had an issue with in order to keep record of how consistent your issue has been . My mom taught me this because if you just need to go to your superior about the problem they like to see record and this could ultimately win your battle . Also make sure to be specific as possible .
  2. Before going straight to your boss with your list of issues you are having with your coworker try talking to the person who is giving you trouble . Be kind but direct about the issues you have been having, because as much as I like to beat around the bush because I don’t want to make things awkward it’s important to let people know that what they are doing is bothering you. I suggest to also do this in an environment where it’s just you two so the person won’t feel like you are making a scene.
  3. Speak with your boss about the situation if it persists . Not all people hit the ball out of the ball park , so you may have to take a stricter approach and set a meeting with your boss. This is where your lists comes in. Be straight forward, say what has happened, and explain that you have discussed the issues with your coworker and the problem has still occurred even after the talk.
  4. Hopefully your issues get resolved after this meeting , but if not then don’t be afraid to contact the boss of your boss. This is important because this will show how serious the issue is and how determined you are to get it resolved. This should hopefully be your last stopping point because you have the tract record of speaking to all parties and nothing has gotten resolved, but if it is not then do not be afraid to continue to go above and beyond until you are satisfied with the outcome.

My mom always told me that the person in charge hates to be bothered, especially when its over a situation that could have been resolved before it got to them, so don’t be afraid to press the issue.

I had a friend that had to deal with a situation like this and she handled it in this fashion and was able to allow her voice to be heard from all parties, and there was not any mention that someone was not aware of the issues that have occurred, so therefore the problem should be resolved.

Let’s be honest, not all issues get resolved and it takes a little elbow grease to get what you want, but doing things in this fashion will assure a good record on your part and show just how professional you are.

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