Golden Boss: Topic #2 Sticking to a Schedule

  • We all know that we want to be that on time , always prepared, and motivated individual but lazy times do set in , and honestly I know I would rather catch up on Netflix than get work done. Whether it’s school or work it’s bad to procrastinate (although I have done it all throughout college,lol) and I’m going to share a few ways to be prepared even if you decide to procrastinate .
    1. Buy a Planner

    I would recommend buying one that is cute & and will make you want to use it . Most of the time these may be the most expensive kind and in my eyes I think those are the best , because I tend to have sunk cost fallacy and will think about how much money I have spent and actually try to get use out of the item.

    2. Get a syllabus, itinerary, or dates for projects / deadlines as early as you can

    The earlier you know the dates to any upcoming event the better. This will ensure that you will have a look on the time ahead and you can plan accordingly.

    3. Break down the days leading up to the big day

    This tip refers to doing a little work each day so that you won’t feel overwhelmed. This also helps if you have multiple projects that you have to work on at once . This tip is also the most important and ties in with tip #2 because you will be more prepared and take your time with the project when you work on it little by little .

    I hope these tips have helped in any way to make your next big project or anything you have set go smoothly. Make sure to comment if you have a topic you would like for me to discuss on a future Golden Boss post!

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