Fitness Friday’s ! 5 Tips for Weight Loss

Okay so I have an extreme sweet tooth and it’s hard for me to break ties with anything that feeds my sweet tooth, but in today’s post I’m talking about how I am starting to focus more on my diet .

Dario, my fiancé, and I have talked countless of times about how I can structure my diet to fit my fitness goals as well as health goals. I really look up to him for his advice because , to me, he is an extreme health but and loves anything fitness related.

With his guidance I have started to structure a diet that I think you will all enjoy and appreciate just as much as me .

  1. Add a protein component to each meal. If you workout on a regular protein is great to build back up the muscle you have broken down while weight training or doing other physical activities.

2. Cut out the unnecessary sugar . To be honest you can’t get rid of sugar, to me I feel like with a lot of processed food in our diets sugar is there for taste and makes thinks more appealing to eat. While this is something we may or may not be able to control , we can control excess sugar in our diet like : soda, juice, candy, etc. (natural sugar is great if it’s from things like fruit )

3. Look at nutrition facts ! A lot of times a particular food can seem like it’s healthier than most other options BUT it can have just as much fat and sugar as your favorite candy. Also look into the serving size . This can help so that you won’t eat too much . Even if the food is healthier and contains a lot of protein it can turn into a bad option for you if you consume too much.

5. Calories in v. Calories Out . You may not see weight loss if you consume more calories from food than the calories that you burned in a day. The My Fitness Pal App is great to log and track your food , another thing to make sure you are keeping up with is your fat and sugar content. Although you may have taken in less calories the amount of fat and/or sugar you consume can still be high.

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