Style Sunday’s – Tye Die Trend

I’m sure you have seen pops of Tye Dye on your feed, I know I have. This trend has started a little buzz and gained a few followers . I have yet to buy anything Tye Dye but I have had my eye on a few things that I’m sure will be on your wishlist as well!

With trends like these I like to always go for something subtle that still gets the point across. Of course bold colors are fun but we all know that it may not be always practical . When trying this trend I do recommend toning down other pieces of your clothing like your jeans , accessories, etc because whatever it is that you wear that’s Tye Dye will definitely be the focal point of your look.

I also have noticed tons of shirts and sweatshirts being worn from this trend which is probably more practical than wearing a full on Tye Dye dress, but you can be the judge of your look. Let me know in the comments below if this is a trend you can get behind or if you will pass .

My Tye Dye Picks click here to shop my looks from the image shown above !

Disclaimer: I do not own the photos featured. They are saved from Pinterest.

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