Makeup Monday’s ! Anastasia Beverly Hills New Foundation

Lately I have been loving the simple look, no eyeshadow , just foundation and of course blush, highlight, brows, etc . I used to obsess over eyeshadow palettes and now that I’ve gotten older and my aesthetic has changed for my look I love a simple look because I can wear any outfit and it will just work!

This is why Foundation has been a big thing for me now because it the base of my face and the main part of my makeup routine. I never thought I could own more than one foundation but now I do and I love it !

In today’s post I’m talking all about ABH’s new luminous foundation. Although the term “luminous” can scare us oily chicks away I still went for it because the price was right under $40 bucks and it was releasing at Ulta the same day it released online , so I was able to pick it up in store .

Facts / Color Matching:

This foundation claims to last all day and give you a luminous glow and I took it to the test today. I was preparing for a four hour shift at work and having to be out a little in the Houston humid/hot summer weather. I went with shade 510W because going off of a video shown on ABH’s Instagram I matched the foundation to my neck. The MUA on their page spoke about how although your face may be darker than your neck it could be hyper pigmentation and you do not want to match that . You want to match your actual skin tone and your neck should provide that true color for you to match with .


I had work at 12 noon so I started my makeup around 10 am this morning . Before applying I used my favorite primer for oily skin on my face in order to not get my face too oily in combination with the luminous coverage. When I first applied the Foundation I did pump too much for one side of my face but it blended well and although it is a medium coverage foundation I feel like one pump would have given great coverage alone. The foundation is slightly buildable because I was able to add more to a blemish on my cheek but obviously it did no completely disappear the blemish.

At Work:

I set my foundation like usual with a translucent loose setting powder on my t-zone and my cheeks and was off for the day. While at work I did not feel like my skin was oily. The foundation was light weight and it honestly felt like I had nothing on.

After Work:

The foundation lasted after a four hour work shift and a few hours of errands after work. I did touch up a little to dab the oil off , but for me that’s even with foundations that claim to be for oily skin. I think this foundation could last me through the night if I had an event later.

So what’s my overall thought? I’m glad you asked … I feel like this foundation is great for pretty much everyone . Obviously if you are looking for more coverage then I wouldn’t go this route , but I definitely recommend this for beginners and someone who wants good coverage without the heaviness of Foundation. I for one love a good light weight feel for my makeup so I definitely love this one. The price is also AMAZing for what you get.

The only con I would say about this foundation is that the glass bottle can turn people away , because it’s not practical for travel and it could be difficult to finish the bottle completely. I for one am someone who will cut the top of a plastic foundation tube in order to dig the rest of the foundation out. Sorry not sorry, makeup costs too much, lol.

What do you think ? Is this a steal or a waste? Will you be picking this up soon ? Let me know in the comments below .

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