Fitness Friday’s – 5 Tips to get a Flat Tummy

It’s near the end of summer but I’m sure that won’t stop you from learning about these secrets in how to get your tummy flatter ! It’s no secret that us women carry more fat on our bodies than men in order to bear children, so it’s hard for us to indulge like men or just shed fat quicker, but the key to getting the tummy you want is through five ways of changing your diet. For me , it’s diet that will make or break how my stomach looks. In this post I will tell you all 5 things that have helped me get a flatter tummy.

In no particular order here are my tips:

1. Eat your fiber- This may be a little TMI , but this will help you have regular bowel movement and will help with bloating.

2. Water over juice unless the juice lacks sugar- I love having a good drink with my meals , but too much sugar can also affect the way your stomach looks. I like to drink low calorie /0 sugar powders to pour in a water bottle or my favorite 0 sugar/ low calorie drinks that are pre-made.

3. Skip the candy , sweets, grease, and fried foods- I save these for cheat meal days . These foods will have you bloated and backed up from the restroom . You want to keep your diet clean so just fish, ground turkey, lean beef, and chicken. I always grill or use the skillet for my meats .

4. Don’t go over your calories– This one can be tricky because in order for you to do so I recommend downloading the My Fitness Pal app in order to track your foods. You will need to set up your weight and your weight loss or gain goal . Then your calories will be calculated for the daily value. For each item you eat you will need to scan the bar code label from the package and only eat the recommended serving size . Serving size will also be your best friend because it will keep your portions in control.

5. Eat mainly at home – Flows with #4 , in order to not go over your calories you need to track your food, which means that in order to track your food you must have food you can measure on your food scale to know you are eating the right portions. Most of the time , if not all, the food that’s eaten outside your home at restaurants can’t be tracked properly so you may be eating more fat or sugar than you thought . This will keep your portions small and your tummy flat.

* BONUS* Get that cardio in! I recommend getting out of the house and either going to the gym or walking a trail near you. Whatever it is get out and do it ! You don’t have to run or do HITT, just walking for 30 minutes to an hour helps with blood circulation and also burns calories and fat. Take advantage of the summer and go sweat a little !

Shop the look from this post + some of my favorite low calorie drinks though .

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