Whirl Curl Wednesdays- Defined Twist Out ft. Shea Moisture

Being apart of the Sheabassador program has its perks ! I love how I get to try different products for you all to review and for this month I am testing out their Purple Rice Water Collection. This collection is great for protecting color treated hair. For me personally I have no color in my hair but I was excited to try products that include rice water , because that was all the rage in the natural hair community.

Overall the entire collection was great. I love how the shampoo and conditioner was very hydrating , had great slip, and left my hair shiny and bouncy. I treated myself to a little spa day and tried the scrub, lotion (not pictured) , and the mask and those two were nothing shy from perfect. The scrub was very light weight and I could tell they used real rice . The rice was not harsh on my skin and rinsed off well compared to most scrubs. The lotion also has rice inside and left a sparkle to my skin. The mask was very hydrating and left a glow once rinsed off . This was one of my favorite parts of the collection because this mask left my fave smooth ! See how the mask looked on below.

Now let’s get into the steps of a perfect twist out ! I rarely do twist outs because they do not come out defined and my roots are always left puffy , but I tried a method that I used in the last but forgot the results.

Step 1: Apply products

1. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioner as a leave in (has great hold without the crunch )

2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

3. Veracious Curls Complete Styling Cream (elongates curls well and is a great consistency)

4. Smooth n Shine Weightless Gel (this is starting to be my favorite gel because it’s super slight weight, smells good, and has a great hold without crunch)

Step 2: Two strand twist your hair in small sections .

You can do however many twists you want . I did mine small but not tiny , so I can have more definition.

Step 3: Take three twists and braid them into one braid . So for every three twists you will have one braid .

This will stretch out your hair and also add more definition .

Step 4: Allow your hair to dry completely before separating and be very gentle when separating , so do not separate too much so your hair won’t poof up.

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