Style Sunday’s – How To Sustainably Build Your Wardrobe

How happy are we about sustainability? I for one am excited with how big this trend has gotten because it’s become popular to save the planet and own up to what we spend our money on. Now of course we all aren’t perfect and I for one still splurge and cave in on items that may not be considered sustainable, but the effort is what counts in my book, so whether you are ready to dive in head first or like to take baby steps like me this post is for you.

Whenever I buy something new I try to donate or resell items that I am not wearing . I also try to only buy items that are timeless, and if it is something trendy I will try to justify by coming up with multiple outfits in my head before purchasing.

Let’s say you love everything in your closet and you are looking for new stuff for the upcoming season or just want to treat yourself . If it’s a bag or a wallet go for a vegan company (I will list some below), or if it’s a clothing store then check into how they make their product, where it’s made, and what it is made out of . Denim brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and Levi’s have gone for the “waterless” effort of using less water to make some of their jeans , and even if the brands aren’t recycling material or using less water check to see if the company’s clothes are made in the U.S. Most companies are proud of that and like to make it known.

Outfit Shown Above : Blazer | Top | Skirt | Shoes| Handbag (similar)| Sunglasses

Stores to trade in Clothes for a Discount:

HM – drop off clothing to get 15 % off your purchase

Madewell– Bring old jeans in to get $20 off a new pair

Sustainable Brands & Where to Find Them:

ReformationThis brand is a fave of mine but if you are wondering where to pick up gems from this brand then look no further than Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. Sustainable brands typically are more pricey because the effort to make the clothing here in the US , out of recycle material , or in better factories can make the brand high-end , but I’ve found Reformation for cheap at Nordstrom Rack PLENTY of times . You just have to do some digging.

Christy Dawn – I have not shopped this brand before but the clothing looks beautiful and the effort they make to inform customers about how each product is made is beyond satisfying. They launched a collection recently with Madewell so I would definitely peep that out .

Everlane– This brand shows where each item is made that you click on on their site and the quality of their clothing has reached heights in the sustainable community. They have stores in NYC, but they offer great deals on shipping as well.

Ready Made Jewelry – I reached out to this brand a while back and I have loved working with them this summer . This brand has intrigued me with the quality of each piece and how open they are about what materials they use. I love how they do not use traditional metals and how inexpensive each piece is. Did I mention that their jewelry does not tarnish? I love the standard that they have set for other jewelry brands out there . They show that your product can be inexpensive, sustainable, and LAST ! I wear my pieces almost everyday and I have had nothing but positive vibes about them .

Matt & Nat – This brand amazes me with what they can make out of using water bottles ! Wallet , Tote bags, crossbody bags , you name it they can make it. This brand is also at Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack .

Angela Roi– This vegan brand popped up on my instastories the other day as an ad and I couldn’t have been more excited to see an ad than when I did that day. I immediately searched the brand , stalked YouTube for videos of purse reviews (which I recommend doing for handbags, shoes, etc.) and immediately fell in love with the Grace crossbody. I love the regular and mini size . The mini comes with a chain and it looks so classy. What I like most about this style of bag is that it resembles the Gucci camera bag but without the high price . This brand offers great quality bags without the price markup. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Grace crossbody and share a full review soon, but for now you can stalk the site like I have . One thing I have enjoyed on this sustainable journey of mine is finding unique handbags of quality without the high price. The bags are unique and are not your typical designer bag that people are used to . Heads will turn and your wallet will be happy .

So whether your sustainable journey is just getting started or you are already a pro at this eco-friendly trend I hope this post help your next shopping move . Let me know if you have shopped any of these brands , are a thrifter, or anything else that fall under being sustainable , also what are your sustainable tips ?

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