Whirl Curl Wednesday’s- How To Get Softer Curls

Have you ever used a product and it was so good you just had to tell everyone and their mom about it ? That’s how I feel about the Shea Moisture Extra Moisture Detangler . It’s no surprise that I have spoken about this product before, but this week I used the product the way that it’s supposed to be used and I was even more surprised with how good it works .

In the past I have rinsed this product out of my hair after I detangle , but instructions say that it is a leave in product, so this week I left the product in and alone it leaves my hair super soft and manageable, and I receive the definition I want .

1. When using this product I recommend washing your hair first and then detangling last. If you like to detangle before washing like me then you will need time to adjust to this method , because for me I know I hate washing my hair when it’s tangled because I feel like the knots get worse, but I did not have an issue this week.

2. After washing I would use the detangler first as your base product , and the amount you use is totally up to you. I typically use a lot but the moisture is so good you do not have to , but make sure you part your sections and distribute the product evenly.

3. This week I only used the Detangler and the Smooth n Shine Conditioning Gel overtop which is also my holy grail gel. It does not leave a crunch and it definitely goes on smoothly. I was heavy handed with the gel in each section to make sure I had the hold I wanted and also because I know this gel won’t flake .

4. Since you have completed those steps allow your hair to air dry and dry as desired . For me my hair took more time to dry than usual because the detangler is a little heavy that most products or it also could be that I used a lot . Either way if you are used to air drying your hair I would say it may be around the same wait time , but I do recommend washing early in the day before you go to bed that way your hair is all dry and can be stretched at night if you choose to do so.

Once my hair dried I noticed that my curls were fluffy , defined, and SUPER SUPER SOFT ! I would say that using just the Detangler alone as a leave in really boosted the moisture in my hair ! The only downside to this is that your hair won’t be as big as you may like it to be because it’s so moisturized. REMEMBER: Dry hair elongates and moisturized hair shrinks .

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