Wash n Go – Frizz Free Curls that Clump Together

My curls have been feeling the heat, literally. I always feel like my hair is doing good but then I always hit a stopping point when my curls need some extra love. This week I am very pleased with the outcome of my curls and I’m sharing how I did my hair this week.


Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil shampoo

(I like to wet my hair with warm water before applying shampoo in order to open my hair cuticles . This will help allow the products to penetrate in my hair. This shampoo deeply cleanses my hair while being gentle).

Garnier Whole Blends Avocado Oil & Shea Butter Extract Conditioner

(I like to mix different shampoo and conditioner’s to fit the specific needs for my hair. I love the whole blends line from Garnier. The products always does justice for my curls. This conditioner is very thick and creamy and my curls were very moisturized when using this . )

The Mane Choice Green Tea and Carrot Mask Treatment

(This Mane Choice Treatment penetrates my hair so well . My scalp tingles when using it and when I rinse it out I have so much slip in my curls.)

Styling in This Order

Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Conditioner

The name says it all! Daily hydration ! I have been loving experimenting with conditioners as leave ins because it saves money . This conditioner was super hydrating. Although I do not like coconut oil alone on my hair I did like it within this product!

Africa’s Best Fab 5 Oil (similar)

This oil has a mix of great ingredients that all combine for great hydration.

Revlon Twisting Pudding

Although I did not do a twist out or braid out this product helped clump my curls together better .

Revlon Curling Custard

Custard to me is a light weight option for a gel that will still hold your curls together. I love this one because it has so much slip and hydration.

Smooth’n Shine Weightless Styling Gel

Since I want frizz-free curls and curls that will clump together well I add a gel after the custard. I only recommend doing this is the gel has slip . We’re not trying to dry out our hair. This gel has so much slip and moisture it’s ridiculous! Definitely a go to!

Styling Application+ Manipulation

When I used each product I applied them while my hair was damp and I split my hair into fours. I also made sure to do the praying hands method and went over my hair a few times to really clump my curls and penetrate the product better.

That night I tied my hair down in a low bun to stretch out my front curls after letting my curls air dry the entire day. I made sure to not run my hands through my hair or touch it because that causes frizz.

If you what your curls to continue to be defined I suggest to not put your hair in a bun but a pineapple to stretch it out but maintain your curl definition. Bumming can also cause frizziness because it loosens that curls to an extent to where they will be too loose to hold a better curl.

I love using new product combos and styling applications to see how my hair turns out. This was definitely a favorite for me. Let me know if you tried any of the products or methods !

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