Holiday Gift Guide for the Beauty/ Skincare Guru (everything under $100)

Do you have a beauty babe in your life or are you a beauty queen yourself? Whatever the case may be you will definitely want to grab a pen and paper to jot down these holiday gifts and sets that are perfect for that special person in your life, yourself included! I also added in some of my personal tips I use when gift buying.

Advent Calendars (Prestige)- These are the perfect gift to give because your loved one can test out different brands that they may have heard of and see what they like best. This is great for someone who typically may not splurge on themselves to buy something they have had their eye on, but with this they get to try the product(s) to see if it’s worth buying & they may discover a new brand that they love. Also this is a one and done gift because your loved one will get plenty of different beauty products to love on. Here is my fave for this year: George & Viv 24 days of beauty advent calendar This one includes the top rated Anthropologie products. Its under $100 and well worth the buy. It does sell out fast every year so I would definitely not sit on this deal.

*Pro-Tip* Buy the advent calendar , open it, and see what you may want out of it , and take the other products that you don’t want and create a gift basket for a friend of family member. This a great way to treat yourself and your loved one.

Slip Pillow Case (Prestige)- Silk has been known to not only help with your skin but your hair . The Slip brand is one that is loved by many for its luxurious silk pillowcases and sleep masks. The owner of this brand started the company after dealing with hair loss. This is a great gift for anyone who suffers from breakouts or is looking to take better care of their hair. Its definitely a treat for anyone because who doesn’t like the option to sleep on silk?

*Pro-Tip* You can spend a few extra bucks and snag the pillowcase and mask set and keep one for you and gift the other to your loved one. Hey, its all about treating yourself too!

Hair Straightener- (Prestige) While on the topic of hair , let talk about hair straighteners. Did you know titanium straighteners are better than ceramic? You hair should only need one pass through a straightener with titanium plates. I linked a great brand of straightener that is just under $100, and is great for anyone who wears wigs, weaves, or likes to straightener their own hair.

Face Masks Set (under $25)- face masks are great to apply after a long day or when prepping the skin for makeup. This set of face masks are top rated and the names speak for themselves.

*Pro-Tip* : Split the pack of masks up if you have several gift bags you are packing up and need that last item to finish off the bags. This is great if you are doing teacher holiday gifts, gifts for a group of friends, or gift bags for your daughter’s friends.

Face Cleansing Tool (under $20) : There are so many facial tools out there are some are definitely a splurge , but the one I linked is great at removing dead skin and smoothing out the skin. It is meant to be used every other day or two-three times a week since it is an exfoliator, but it definitely improves the texture of the skin.

Facial Roller (under $20) : I think everyone should have facial roller in their life. Waking up to a puffy face has always annoyed me , especially when I have to prep myself for makeup, but not with facial roller. When you pop this in the fridge and take it out to apply onto your face you can feel your skin tighten and firm up. This is a great gift for anyone because it definitely feels like an at home spa treatment .

Skincare Fridge (under $50): Im sure you have seen this mini fridge pop up on instagram or other social media sites. If you ever thought if it was worth it, it definitely is. Similar to the facial roller , having skincare products in a cool environment helps the products work better onto the skin and also helps depuff the skin as well. This fridge comes in tons of colors and can be multiuser too, so if you want to gift this too a teacher, a new mom (she can store her breast milk in here), etc. it can be used for just about anything, and its a great mini fridge to travel with too!

Eyeshadow Palettes (under $25)- Do you know a makeup lover or someone wanting to experiment with makeup? Makeup palettes are great gifts to give because they are another one and done type of gift. These are great to give because it gives your loved one something new to try out.

Here are a few of my favorite inexpensive palettes: Morphe fall to frost, Juvias Place The warrior, Colourpop, Yes Please

*Pro-Tip* If you are unsure what kind of style of makeup your loved one likes I would go with a more neutral toned palette because they can wear that to school, work, and out and about. Its universally more appropriate and even if the person has a ton of neutrals its still nice to have a few extra different shades to play with. These palettes linked are great because they are small/compact and are great to travel with as well. They are also fan faves!

Brush set (under $20) : If you know a makeup lover you know how hard it is to have clean brushes all the time and for some people having different brushes too choose from never hurt anyone so the more the merrier. This idea is great for a makeup artist or any makeup lover in general. This is great practical gift because you know use will come out of it.

Let me know if you pick up any of these gifts for yourself or loved one and also comment below what you think of the tips? Stay tuned for more gift guides coming soon!

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