15 Holiday Gift Ideas for Him!

Men can be a pain in the butt to shop for but I love to give the men in my life things that they wouldn’t have picked for themselves . It’s a great conversation starter and a way for them to get into different stores . Check out the ideas I have for the men in my life.

Urban outfitters sneakers book : Dario loves sneakers and is very into the design of them, how they originated, and more. If you have someone in mind with that same love for sneakers then this book would be perfect. Its a great coffee table book for the living room, shelf, or bed side table.

Cologne : I feel like this is a typical gift that both men and women expect on holidays ,but you can make it a little different and save a little more while doing so. Places like Urban Outfitters and Madewell have several option for men colognes. Here are my favorite ones from Madewell : ( Beau (my personal favorite), Indigo, Sedona …. they also come in roller ball sizes and a small set to try all scents . These amazing unisex colognes last long and smell amazing! This is a brand that he may not have heard of or may think of as only a store for women so surprising him with a new scent that will draw him into a new store would be a great gift. Also it’s perfect because you can use the scent too !

Skincare set : This is a great stocking stuffer because men always laugh at us women for doing the most with our skin but the tricks actually work. I feel like Dario always laughs at me for buying so much skincare but then he tends to start using it.

Mini Bar Set: Anthropologie’s Mini Bar book set is perfect for a drink lover. Add their favorite alcohol to the mix and a nice whiskey glass to top it off. If you want to get a little more jazzy with the gift you can do an entire whiskey glass set and also add some Sugarfina candy that tastes like alcohol.

Designer wallet – Dario has carried around the same wallet for years and he refuses to get another one. A great way to show your man that you are paying attention to his needs is by replacing something he has been in need of. In this case by buying a high end wallet you know it will last him years ,and it can definitely be something to pass down to a son one day. BUT you are not obligated to buy designer if you or your man aren’t into those types of items . This is the wallet that I have been eyeing for Dario.

Watch- Give your man an excuse to get dressed up with some new arm candy. A watch is the perfect gift because you know he will use it and it’s considered a timeless piece that he will keep for years to come . Fossil has amazing watches that are timeless. This too can be eventually passed down in the family. Also Fossil is inexpensive and they always offer $5-10 battery replacement.

Soundbar / Speaker System : Whether he likes to watch the game or play on a game system men typically love a good quality sound system . I think this is perfect for your man and you because you will also get to enjoy a better sound when you binge watch your shows. If its for your brother or dad it too can bring just as much joy in their home. Things like this definitely brings families closer together.

New TV : This ties in with the sound system because I know Dario has an infatuation with TVs and he loves them big. Big TVs are amazing for family time and it just brings everyone together. It’s the best item to get to watch movies , for him to watch the game, and much more.

Water Bottle : Have a work out guru on your hands ? Or even someone on a health kick ? Then getting something like a Yeti / Hydro flask would be great to give someone who is serious about water intake . Also make it fun by adding other items that Yeti may have for example , like coffee cups, beer holders , etc. this is a great way to show that you care about not only his healthy with drinking water but also his indulgences, lol . You also could add in some new workout gear for them or a gift card to their favorite place to shop for activewear.

Office Decor: Does he work at an office ? If so, then framing a memorable moment or picture of the family would be amazing in a personalized picture frame . Also adding little knick knacks that bring out his personality or something you and him share would be a great addition to this gift.

Buisness Attire: Got a recent graduate on your hands or someone already in the work field? Either or , it’s great to have a few work ready looks on hand or possible date night clothes. Zara and H&M has great options for chinos , slacks, and blazers for men that are trendy and stylish.

PJs/ Slippers : I love a comfy shoe and I’m pretty sure the men in my life do too , so items like Uggs would be great to gift to wear not only in the house but outside as well.

Jacket/ Pullover : North Face, Levi’s Sherpa , etc. are great practical ideas for jackets for the man in your life. This is great if he needs a more dressy jacket or just a new addition to his collection.

Staycation : Book a nice weekend at a nearby resort or hotel for your loved one to spend time with their partner, you (if it’s your hubby), or sometime alone in a pampered spot . Book a massage for them so they can unwind and relax even more if the location has those available. This is perfect for someone who just finished finals in college or who has been dealing with stress at work. A little R&R never hurt no one !

Game/ concert Tickets: Does he love a favorite sports team ? Find out when a game may be and book the tickets ! Make it a day out for you and him to have some quality time or if you are unsure of his schedule buy a gift card for him to purchase tickets at his leisure. This also goes for concerts too, but this is more of a set in stone date to take action. I would suggest opening the topic about either a concert or a game day and see what is said before you fire the bullet and purchase.

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