Naturally Curly Hair Update : Hair Growth Journey and New Hair Products !

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated y’all on my hair care routine or just anything hair care related, so in today’s post I wanted to share what I have been doing to grow my hair and the products I have been loving recently.

First, I I have been consistent with taking my vitamins . This has been a thing that I have struggled with in the past , but ever since I had been taking the Centrum Women Multi Gummies I have been more consistent with my vitamin intake. I like these Gummies because unlike other multi vitamins , this one actually has a high dosage of all vitamins included.

Secondly, right before Dario left for basic training I decided to braid up my hair and wear wigs. My initial plan was to do this all the way up until he graduated with his training just to see how long my hair would get without manipulation, but truth be told , my wigs was not going to last me that long , because let’s just say I’m in need of some better quality wigs, lol. So I only kept the wigs in for about two months and I would braid my hair up and then put the wigs on and about every two weeks I would take my hair down to wash. What helped me be so consistent with this routine is that I had a few different wigs to interchange with and all of my wigs had clips so there was no sew-in required.

Lastly, I did not trim my hair while wearing the wigs and I still have not. I began to trim my hair when I found it hard to go to a salon I trusted in my college city and I became skeptical about how much the beauticians would cut off. After watching a few naturalistas conquer the hair trimming task I began doing that on my own AS NEEDED. Most beauticians say trim your ends every 4-6 weeks but everyone has different growth patterns/rates , so that was not practical to me. As of now I truly believe that creams and butters, or any hydrating substance coating the ends of my hair will allow me to not have to trim as much. This has allowed me to grow my hair out thicker and fuller than before.

So speaking of thicker and fuller hair I have began using 3 new products that actually help my hair look and feel thicker than ever before. The R&Co brand happily sent me credit to purchase product from their site , so I picked up the

  • Curl Defining Cream: This cream has a nice weight to it without being too thick and hard to work through your hair. I like how this cream allowed fast drying time and it worked with my other curl products of different product lines.
  • Strong Hold Gel : This weightless Gel is so easy to glide into my hair as a last step to my routine and really kept my curls defined and frizz free throughout the week.
  • Thickening Spray : I never thought products like this actually work but I honestly felt a difference in my curls and how bouncy they were. This is great to have in your purse when you feel like your hair needs a little more life to it.

Honestly the best thing I have learned about growing out my hair is having consistency , patience, and a routine. Let me know if you all have any questions about my routine or just want to know a little more info about a specific topic in the comments below.

*Disclaimer* R&Co did send me credit to use to purchase the products mentioned , but all thought and opinions are my own.

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