Favorite Purchases of 2019

As this year comes to a close to ending I wanted to share my favorite purchases of 2019. These items have been what I have gravitated towards ever since purchasing them. They are universal as far as being able to wear them with so much throughout different seasons , use them whenever I felt I needed a pick me up, or something I could reach to for guidance throughout life. Let’s get into it !


Superga White Platform Shoes :

These are the perfect shoes to add to your collection because not only are they universally appropriate for any look , but they are super comfortable ! I love wearing these with either a dress or a casual look. They are just the right amount of platform without being too bulky and are a closet staple in my opinion.

Dr. Marten Jadon boot:

I began to see Dr. Marten boots take center stage around this time last year and I became instantly intrigued by the boot. I remember when I was younger and thinking that the boots were weird and resembled clown shoes , but of course, like any trend , once someone styles them in a way that attracts an audience they become immediately intriguing to the eye. This boot, like the Superga shoe, is one that can go with just about anything . Throw these on with any look to add some edge, a summer dress or with faux leather leggings , you name it !

Vagabond White Booties

This was another trend I jumped onto but not immediately, I constantly went back and forth on if I should splurge on a boot this style . I liked the style but I’ve always shy’d away from white as it is a high possibility of it getting dirty. These are on the pricey side but are SO worth the money! These are the second most comfortable boots I own and that’s because the heel is a great height that lasts me 6+ hours & the leather wears nicely. I have only gotten slight scuff marks on the front of the pointed toe but other than that I have had no issue !

Free People Easy Street Tunic:

Ever since I seen this tunic surface the FP site I wanted it so bad. It rotated into my cart, then my wishlist, then my saved for later sections for months until I caved and picked it up. It is SO worth the price because the quality is out of this world ! I love how heavy it is and how each color is so vibrant and appealing on the skin. I have since ordered the newest color that they came out with and I’m not mad about the purchase one bit! I feel like they should keep this one around for a while because it’s honestly a closet staple for me. I sized down two sizes because it runs large but I have also seen people size up for a dress look! Either way you have to get your hands on it !

Baggu drawstring bag

I have wanted a bucket bag for THE LONGEST but I’m sure you know how it is when you can’t seem to find the style that you want in the item that you want. This bag just so happened to fall in my lap as I was looking for something else on the Baggu site and I’m so happy it did ! When I first got this bag I wore it NONSTOP! I love how the strap can be tied to adjust to your desired length and how the leather feels. Baggu is also a sustainable brand which also makes completing this purchase even more worth it ! I’m also considering the camel color as well because I love it so much !

Levi’s Denim Jacket :

A denim jacket is a closet staple , but this version for me has to be my favorite ! The boyfriend fit is the perfect touch to any look because of how relaxed it looks. I love throwing this one with leggings or dresses to add more of a vintage feel to my outfits.

Agolde Jeans :

For the longest I have wanted to get vintage looking denim with a good fit unlike the Levi’s wedgie fit jeans that make my butt look like a windshield wiper , lol. Sorry, I know that went left real fast, but I have been passionate about finding jeans like this for some time and I have wanted to try this brand out for the longest but didn’t know what size I was. Luckily a customer returned a pair to my job and I was instantly in love ! These fit so good and have a good amount of stretch. I would even recommend sizing down. I loved the first pair so much I ordered a different style from this brand soon after . Unfortunately I was sent the size down from what I ordered but I stuck it out and tried to see if they would stretch and literally after the first two days they fit so good ! This second pair was more rigid than my first but for them to stretch so good in the amount of time that they did I was sold ever since on this brand. It is more high end but it’s SOOOO worth it ! I will link my first and second pair .

Levi’s 501 skinny:

I have had terrible luck with Levi’s but just like the Agolde jeans, I had two pairs returned to my job and they both fit amazingly well. My first pair was my actual size and since have stretched but still fit well and has a great vintage wash to them, and my second pair I sized down and they fit so much better. I recommend this style of Levi’s if you want a vintage look without the wedgie fit .


Mario Budescu lip balm :

I have longed for a lip balm that I didn’t have to reapply constantly throughout the day, and one that would leave my lips so hydrated that even when they were not coated with the balm I wouldn’t feel the need to apply any balm. With that being said , this balm does just that ! It’s also at a great price point and because you don’t need it as much the tube last SO LONG!

Sunday Riley UFO Oil

Have oily skin? Acne? Want to prevent future acne? Well this is the best oil for all three of those things! It’s a dry oil so it absorbs quickly into the skin and a little goes a long way. I apply all over my face to prevent acne even in none problem areas and I only need about three drops. I have the least expensive size and it’s amazing how the product has not really gone down since using it , so the small size is definitely worth it , even when you find out how much you love it as much as I do!

Makeup Revolution Foundation / Concealer

I have started to love foundation so much this year because I have noticed how much of a difference it can make in images. I love the Makeup Revolution Foundation for an everyday look that’s natural yet buildable. I also have started to use the brand’s concealer in a few shades lighter than my complexion for under my eyes and the turnout in amazing! I use the concealer in combo with the foundation below in a YouTube video showing my foundation routine.

Estée Lauder Foundation

If you are looking for a foundation with flawless coverage but also one that is transfer proof, water and humidity resistant, and matte then this will be your best friend. I use this foundation for photos and I love how my images come out and it’s the perfect Foundation for any glam event!

Scentbird Subscription

I love perfume just as much as the next girl but a new bottle every now and then can be costly and honestly may not even be worth the money as someone like me likes to rotate through scents, so I may not even get constant use out of a scent that I spent so much money on, so I decided to start this subscription. So far I love it because I get to try new scents out for only $14.95 a month and the rollerball size last me over a month!

Swedish Dream Hand Cream

If you have dry cracked hands this cream will for sure save you the embarrassment when you reach to greet someone or want to show off your latest nail color ! I fell in love with this brand ever since a customer came into my job with an urgent need to find this hand cream. She told me she can’t live without it and I instantly knew I had to try it . Since then I have been hooked ! I love how thick the consistency is and how it keeps my hands shiny and soft even after I wash my hands later in the day ! Definitely a must have for your purse !

Centrum Multi + Beauty Vitamin

I have been so proud of myself for staying consistent with my vitamins lately and I have been loving this brand lately. I love this particular vitamin style in particular because it features all vitamins needed and the dosage is a good amazing in each vitamin included unlike other multivitamins.

Mighty Patch

Gotta zit? Get rid of it quick with Might Patch! Honestly y’all that should be their slogan. This brand has amazed me with the effort that these patches put in to make me more comfortable with having those pop up zits. The patches help smooth out the zits or allow them to come to the surface so that you can clear it out . One package feature over 30 stickers and they also carry a clear one just in case you want to treat your acne while in public.


Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst

If you are going through an uneasy time in your life and just not knowing where you belong or where your life is headed this book will help you become mentally stronger. There are so many good points that I have found from this book that I am even considering doing an entire separate blog post on it . It is a Christian book but the way this author speaks you can take messages from it even if Christianity isn’t your religion.

Thank you all for joining my Ted Talk , lol, but honestly I wanted to go into detail for each item I list in this post to explain how much I love the item. If you have any further questions about anything listed or want to share a few of your favorite purchases of this year, feel free to comment below! Talk to you all in my next post, muah!

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