Curly Hair Tips (moisture retention, vitamins, diet , etc .)

I’ve noticed a huge part about caring for curly hair is being able to have a routine and sticking to it . Not necessarily the products but the methods that you take to ensure strength and hydration. In today’s post I’m covering my hair care tips . These are methods that have helped me and I hope they will help you, and whether you have curly hair or not, keeping up with a routine will help with stronger healthier hair, so I hope some of these tips will help those of you without curls as well .

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Deep Condition Once a Week :

Deep conditioning always seemed to be apart of my wash day , and I never seen the true importance of it until I had forgotten to deep condition for a while . When I went without deep conditioning my hair I was left with dry and brittle ends and lack of moisture retention.

Water, Leave in , Oil, Cream

The “LOC Method” has been one that I’ve stuck with for years and it has always done well for my hair. I stick to the method when I style my hair after I wash and when I refresh my curls throughout the week. This method helps loc in your curls and keep them hydrated until your next wash day.

High and Low Buns for Stretching

If you have tighter curls and desire for a longer length then stretching your hair at night can help with that. At the beginning of the evening you can begin with a low bun and then at night wear a high bun, or if you have tight curls in only one area (for example , the top of your hair) then only stretch out that section , and if it’s your top curls then wear a low bun. Also you can kill two birds with one stone and section your hair off and have two buns at one time, one up and one down.

Bun stretching at night helps so that in the morning your hair will be voluminous and you will most likely have the desired length that you are hoping for . When doing this method I recommend apply your hair products at night before you do the bun(s) that way in the morning your hair is moisturized and hydrating . If you apply the products in the morning your hair will result back to shrinkage.

Microfiber Towel / Satin or Silk Rag or Pillowcase

I’m sure you have heard of this tip being recommended before , but I’ll say it again because it actually works. When using a microfiber towel , especially after you have washed your hair, you will notice more moisture retention compared to using a regular cotton towel. Also cotton towels tend to tug on our hair and will cause friction. If you don’t own a microfiber towel you can use an old t-shirt as it’s more gentle on your hair as well.

When it’s time to hit the bed many of you may already know that the key to hair protection is a satin or silk rag or pillow. This is also because of hair pulling or breakage with the curls . You always want to reduce friction for your hair as much as possible . I’ve started to use the Slip Silk Pillowcase and I love the effects that it has on my skin and hair .

This pillowcase keeps cool through the night , and maintains any moisture on my skin and hair because it does not absorb products unlike a regular pillowcase.


Get your vitamins in babe ! I have had such a hard time over the years of maintaining my vitamin intake but here recently I’ve been using the Centrum gummies and I love how many vitamins they contain and the high dosage it has per vitamin that’s included. Vitamins will help with keeping your body healthy and in return keeping your hair healthy.

Healthy Diet & Exercise

Diet helps in order to ensure that you are getting the right amount of nutrients in your system for your body to be healthy, and in turn your hair will be healthy. Exercise helps with creating blood flow so that your hair can grow. If you have ever heard of scalp massages helping with hair growth, it’s because you are increasing the blood flow , but exercise also does this same thing. Staying active helps your body and your hair become stronger and healthier. *Disclaimer* you do not have to be a five star athlete to be healthy , the recommended daily exercise allowance is at least 150 minutes a week divided into five days of moderate intensity training .

What are your hair tips? We’re these tips helpful at all ? Talk to you all in my next post !

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