8 Ways to Avoid Dry Hair

We have all been there . You know what I’m talking about . Okay , well if you don’t let me explain. Whether you have natural hair or not we all have dealt with some form of dry hair. Whether it’s brittle , tangles easily, or just can’t seem to form a nice style dry hair is just not it . In today’s post I want to talk about the 8 ways that I avoid having dry hair . Being consistent with these 8 key points has helped me avoid the hell of having dry hair .

1. Seal in Moisture :

When it’s time to apply product you want to be able to not have your product go to waist and to actually have your hair absorb that product. So what I mean by sealing in moisture is basically following the “loc method”. I have discussed this method before but if you are new here basically the loc method is when you make sure to apply your product in the order of leave in conditioner, oil, and cream. You want to make sure to apply your product in this way when your hair is damp . Applying your products to dry hair will only cause product to not absorb well into your hair .

2. Cowash

Cowashing my hair has helped when it has been extremely dry outside or when it’s really hot and my hair has been exposed to a ton of sun. This midweek re-up is really good to get your hair back on track for the rest of the week before your actual wash day. You can use an actual cowash product or use your favorite conditioner. * WARNING* if you have low porosity hair you may want to stay away from this method as your hair could be prone to product build up . Even if you do not have low porosity hair , but your hair has recently been in a protective style you may want to wait until your hair gets back into shape before applying a ton of product that at weigh down on your hair.

3. Humidity / Steaming

Living in a humid environment has helped my hair style hydrated but I also loving letting my hair down in the shower to enjoy the steam . The humidity and steam helps open your hair cuticle and your hair is able to absorb that moisture . Y hair is always softer and easily takes in product better when I do this. This is another reason why everyone loves how their hair and skin feels when they vacation in a tropical area with high humidity .

4. Deep Condition Weekly

Deep conditioning my hair on wash day has helped seal in moisture and maintained my curl pattern. My curls are shiny, bouncy, and more defined when I deep condition. Deep conditioning also helps get rid of build up that has occurred throughout the week.

5. Hot Oil Treatment

This kind of treatment I do not do as often but it does help to maintain your hair’s shine and moisture. When I do this sort of treatment my hair is softer and more defined as well. This treatment can be used as a pick me up after a few weeks .

6. Hair Butter

For some people hair butter may not be the way to go because it could weigh down on your hair or if you have low porosity hair it could be too thick and cause build up (for low porosity hair I recommend hair milk because it’s still moisturizing but it’s not as thick), but for me this kind of styling product allows my hair to be moisturized to the fullest. Hair butter is basically a thick coat over your strands that really wraps in moisture and protects your hair from being dry. When I use hair butters after wash day when I style my hair I really do not need to refresh my curls for a few days.

7. Dampen Hair Daily

It’s good to spritz some water in your hair daily because your hair needs that moisture . Water is the base of moisture and the products just help seal it in.

8. Less Gel

If you deal with shrinkage like me you will know that gel is such a good go to product to use on top of your other products for elongation of your curls and for curl definition, but too much of it or using it all the same can cause your hair to become dry. You want to use gel in moderation and when you do use it you want to pick a gel that’s hydrating and not drying.

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