How I Styled Vans x Sandy Liang Collab

Vans recent collaboration with Sandy Liang instantly intrigued me when I seen one pair of sneakers from the collection pop up on my feed. I follow an account called @cnk_daily where they discuss all things sneakers for women. The shoes I purchased was the exact pair they featured . I was instantly drawn to the uniqueness of the shoe. From the time I saw the sneaker until it launched I looked up more about the launch date and stalked all sites about the collection . When I become intrigued by something I instantly become OBSESSED with everything about it , lol, sorry not sorry.

I was unaware of who Sandy Liang was but once I began to look into the collaboration I became aware of how much of an influence she was to the fashion community and what made her collection with vans stand out .

Sandy has always been influenced by her NYC roots. Growing up in Queens , and having her grandmother also as a person she looked up to, Sandy’s style became a reflection on that. This collection with Vans was a reflection on the 90s and Sandys style . I love how youthful and fun each piece is because it’s a reminder to never let go of that spontaneous, youthful spirit you had as a child.

These shoes stood out to me in particular because they are different but still easy to style with. I can see myself wearing these throughout any season and pairing it with simple pieces and making the shoes the focal point of the look.

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