Denim Roundup

A good pair of denim is good to have , especially a pair that that fits well and makes you feel like your best self . I’ve started to collect denim at the end of last year and I was doing it without really knowing, because I was tired of finding denim that wouldn’t do what I would want it to do, so when I found a pair that worked for me I immediately caved and purchased them.

In this post I want to share the brands and the styles of jeans within each brand that has worked for me and hopefully will work for you. Most of the brands featured in this post is high end but totally worth the splurge because they age well and feel amazing on!

Levi’s :

Levi’s and I have not gotten along in the past but here recently we have became the best of friends . I’ve found myself loving a few pairs of Levi’s that have seem to be on repeat for me because they are just that good .

• 501 Skinny : I have two pairs of this style of denim. One in a medium wash and another in a grey wash. I love both of pairs but I would say that in the 501 style I would recommend sizing down at least one size . In the light wash I purchased a 28 but after they stretched a bit I knew I needed to size down. When I purchased the grey pair I got a size 27 and after they stretched they are still perfect.

Ribcage : This is a style that I actually purchased a size 26 in because the store only had a 28 and a 26. The 28 had a little stretch even with me trying it on in the store so I knew I needed to size down. I love how the 26 had a little give but it still was snug and give me a great shape . The 26 is still snug which I love and form fitting, so if I purchase this style of denim again I would get another size 26.

Agolde :

I have three pairs of Agolde Jeans and I love how each pair has its own character . With this brand of denim I really started to see how important it is to pay attention to cotton percentage, and other material made within the denim to know what size you should purchase , because the material will determine if the denim will stretch or not .

• Nico : I purchased two styles of the Nico jean , the first style I purchased I got a size 28 which ended up stretching so I needed maybe 1 size down . The second pair (the fixation style) was 100% cotton (which typically stretches but takes a while to do so, and is pretty snug with the first few fits) so I purchased a 28 , but the store ended up shipping me a 27 . I loved the style so much I stuck with the 27 and wore them around the house to see if they would stretch, and they eventually did but it was not too bad, just enough for me to feel comfortable, but not too loose.

Pinch Waist: This style I snagged on sale and unfortunately I had to purchase a 27 although I wanted to size down because I knew that the denim would stretch because it was 98% cotton and 2% elastane. Even with 1% elastane you would need to size down in my opinion. The denim still fits well although it did stretch a little. I linked a similar style that is 100% cotton .


Rigid Style: I have two pairs of Reformation denim and I love them. My first pair I picked up from Goodwill was 100% cotton and were really rigid . I found a size 27 and it was extremely tight to put on but after my first wear I was able to stretch them out a little . A similar style is linked.

My second pair I purchased was from Nordstrom Rack and was in a size 28 . Although this style has 2% elastane it did not stretch and has not stretched even after two wears. The exact pair is linked , and I would say it is true to size .


This brand was the first one that I fell in love with when it came to high end denim. I feel like this brand does amazingly well at creating a good fit for the customer . My favorite part about the denim from mother is that the material has stretch and is form fitting. I size down normally unless it is a rigid pair of their denim . I can fit into a 26 comfortably and won’t have to worry about any gaps at the waist after some time . The styles I have are older so I will share what’s on my wishlist right now from the brand . You can find this brand from time to time at Nordstrom Rack as well.

The Trickster

The Insider

The Hustler

Good American :

This brand reminds me of Mother because they offer the same fit , but this brand definitely has a ton more stretch than Mother . My first and only pair currently are a size 4 and I feel like I could have gone down to a 2 . I love the way this brand of denim feels and they do an amazing job with the washes that they use . This brand is also a little cheaper than Mother and they are always available at Nordstrom Rack. I’m going to share a few that are on my wishlist :

Good Flare Fray

Good Waist Skinny Currently 30% and fully stocked in all sizes

Citizens of Humanity :

I purchased my first (similar pair) and only pair of citizens from my job a while back and I love the fit of them . I sized down to a 26 in the style I purchased so I would say going off of that pair size down , but as explained previously definitely check the materials used so you can figure out the best fit for you. Overall this brand does a great job at having a little stretch to get in them but they keep everything snug .

Final Thoughts :

I recommend going in store and trying on different styles if you can so you can get a feel of the product and know what style, material, and fit suites you best.

Once you know more about the material and how your body fits and looks with that kind of denim on then you will have no issue with ordering online .

Have an open mind to rigid denim because they will not be comfortable at first but you will like how long they last once they do stretch , and try not to size up so that they won’t be comfortable at first. You want them tight so that they can conform to your body.

Investing in high end brands for denim is great in my opinion because they last long and typically have better washes that are more appealing to the eye. The structure is also better and feels great on the skin.

When trying your first pairs of high end denim wait until there is a sale , shop sites like Nordstrom Rack or Saks off Fifth for a cheaper price point, and/or thrift (which may take a little more work but is so worth it for a cheaper price ).

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