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5 OOTD ft. Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are a great “wow” peice to spice up any look. Although it is a more edgy piece it can definitely be softened and made more feminine. I have been inspired by the many looks of bloggers who have worn this item so I wanted to share how I styled my leather leggings and also where you can purchase yours for (under $20!). This … Continue reading 5 OOTD ft. Leather Leggings

3 Tips to Get a Bomb Instagram Feed

For the longest I had struggled with getting the perfect feed for Instagram . I tried so many things, but I have yet to succeed until now. Since I have had a good constant successful feed I now know what it takes to get your feed aesthetically pleasing. Good Lighting No matter what filter you put on it or how good you know how to … Continue reading 3 Tips to Get a Bomb Instagram Feed

Fall Trend: Bell Sleeve Tops

Bell sleeves are super on trend this season. If you haven’t noticed many bloggers have been sporting this look that is super affordable. Plenty of the styles I’ve seen have been from Nordstrom BP, an affordable brand based in Nordstrom, but other brands have toyed with the trend as well. Personally I love the flow of bell sleeve tops and pairing them with my favorite … Continue reading Fall Trend: Bell Sleeve Tops