Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals Pt. 2

This week after my wash day I used the Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals Hy-Definition Butter and their Citrus Moisturizer for styling my hair. I attempted to do a flexirod twists out but because I undid the twists wet the definition wasn’t there but this LENGTH….! So I can tell that the Hy-Definition Butter really helped with 1. moisture because it has been a three days since … Continue reading Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals Pt. 2

4A Hair Curl Definition

Naturally curly hair is a blessing but there is struggle within the beauty. My hair in particular tends to get frizzy, so I decided to start incorporating the shingling method into my hair routine in order to get the best curl definition that will last me throughout the week. Shingling is the act of raking your fingers through small sections of your wet hair with … Continue reading 4A Hair Curl Definition