Bandana HairStyles

Hey Golden’s, welcome back to the blog. Today I’m showing you different ways to wear your hair will bandana scarfs. I’ve been loving this look lately and it’s so cute to dress up your hair with something different. These scarfs really makes a simple outfit pop ! As you all can see you can wear … More Bandana HairStyles

3 Bun Mohawk

As you all know, I’m trying to grow my hair more so more protective styles are coming your way. I seen this fun and cute style on Pinterest so I decided to recreate it for you guys. My boyfriend has been telling me try out the Mohawk look but I’ve been pushing it aside until … More 3 Bun Mohawk

3 Products I Use When Wearing a Protective Style 

My sister recently slayed my hair with box braids as a protective style for this fall. I really want to start protecting my hair more for growth. While I’m keeping it protected I’m using some products that will help with the growing process as well as making the style last longer.  Castor Oil – Castor … More 3 Products I Use When Wearing a Protective Style